Best Paid Survey Sites – Join Best FREE and Legitimate Paid Survey Sites that Pay Cash in 2017

Best Paid Survey Sites – Join FREE and Get Paid to Take Surveys in Your Spare Time

A few years ago, I saw one of those ads for making money at home by doing online surveys. This particular ad was for a site that charged a one-time fee – around $30 – for a list of sites offering online survey jobs. I decided I didn’t need to pay any money for this information, and looked around on my own for free survey sites. I did in fact find some, signed myself up… and promptly gave up when nothing materialized.
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A year ago, I saw another similar ad and thought I would give it another go. This time I decided to treat it like my own little research project. Again I didn’t pay any money, instead searching for free lists of sites that paid for surveys.

That in itself was a lengthy process, I’m not going to lie.

Once I had a good list going, I signed up for them one by one, taking careful notes in a notebook that I used just for that purpose. I jotted down my login information, how they paid, what kinds of online activities they paid for, and what (if anything) I actually earned from them. When all was said and done, I’d signed up at over 60 sites, and still occasionally sign up for more when I hear of them.

So how many ended up being good, legitimate paid survey sites?

I have around a dozen that I deal with regularly, and maybe another dozen that are great, paying sites, if a little more sporadic. The rest of the 40+ other sites… a complete and total waste of time.

I’ve listed the keepers (best paying survey sites) on this site, and personally attest to the fact that I have received checks, PayPal payments, or gift cards from all of them.

Yes, it really is possible to earn a part time income on the web, without selling anything, paying any sign-up fees, or recruiting your friends and family.

Taking paid online surveys and testing and reviewing products is a great – and fun! – way to make money, but it’s easy to get lost among the fee-charging programs and less than honest ads.

I started this website to help you make sense of it all, sort through the hype, and share my recommendations for the small percentage of good, reputable paid survey sites that I use daily. The best of the best. They are all 100% FREE to join, and registration is simple. I wasted days signing up at useless sites that never paid me a penny. I learned through trial and error. I created this site so you don’t have to.

Before moving on let me answer you some of the most frequently asked questions that our visitors have asked:

Is it really free?

YES! All the survey sites I’ve listed on this website are completely free to join, and will not ask you for any money for anything. THEY pay YOU for giving your opinions.

Do you get something for referring me?

Some of the sites I’ve listed do offer bonuses or points for referrals. Many of them do not. The money really comes from taking surveys, not from referrals.

How do I get paid?

You’ll see a mix of checks, Pay Pal payments, and gift cards in the sites that I have listed. It varies from site to site. Once I got a $5 bill in the mail which is
always fun!

How long does it take to get paid?

Again, it varies from site to site. Some sites pay incredibly quickly, and you will have a PayPal payment in a matter of 24 hours. Others take up to a month after you request a check. The nice thing is that once you are consistently taking them, you will have a steady stream of payments coming in.

How much will I get paid?

The golden question! I generally average around $100 a month right now, but like anything else, it really does depend on how much time and effort you want to put into it. It’s entirely possible to make anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars a month.

How long are the surveys?

They range anywhere from quick, 2-3 minute screening surveys, to in-depth 30+ minute questionnaires. And almost all the sites I list will tell you up front the approximate length of the survey you’re about to take. You can always pick and choose the surveys you wish to take.

Free Newbie Survey Guide: Welcome to, your one stop guide to make money online from paid surveys by joining best paid survey sites.

Here you will learn how you can get paid hundreds of dollars by taking online surveys. Survey taking has been one of the easiest ways to earn a part-time income for online users. With just a half-an-hour to an hour of time each night, you can be making anywhere from an extra $100 to $1000 per month or more, especially if you get your friends to sign up under you.

Just from surveys and referrals, I am making about $244.50 a month online, and I hardly spend more than 30 minutes every night taking surveys!

Below are some easy steps that you can take to get started today:

Step 1: Sign up for Several Survey Panels

The first step to start earning is to sign up for various survey panels. You will want to sign up for more than one panel so that you can get as much survey as possible. The more surveys you get, the more money-making opportunities you will receive.

IMPORTANT: Because the survey invitations can be a little overwhelming, I highly recommend that you create a separate email just for the purposes of taking surveys. You do not want to sign up for survey panels with your personal email. You can easily get upwards of a 100 survey invitations a day, and you don’t want important emails to be buried!

I recommend signing up for at least 3 panels, but no more than 6 to start with. Below are some great beginner-friendly panels that I have been successful with:

Opinion Outpost is a great survey website with the highest success rates I’ve seen. The surveys range anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, and the compensation is also pretty high ($0.50 to $4.50 per survey usually). Depending on your demographics, you may also get several survey invitations a day, and you can complete up to five surveys via the “Take a Survey!” button on the main site.

You will need a PayPal account to earn cash from Opinion Outpost. The payment threshold is 1000 points, or $10.00. There are other prizes available, like a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card code, if you choose to not redeem for cash.

You can sign up for Opinion Outpost by clicking here.

Valued Opinions – One of my favorites! Interesting surveys that pay well, and you can choose either a prepaid Visa debit card, or gift card to places such as Amazon.
I get surveys from them several times a month. You can cash out at $20.

Click Here to Join Valued Opinions

American Consumer Opinion – Pays with a check a few weeks after you successfully complete a survey. Also enters you into a drawing for cash every time you attempt
a survey but do not qualify.

Click Here to Join ACOP Panel

Harris Poll Online – They send a few survey invitations per month, and you are awarded with points and sweepstakes entries. Harris Poll Online is one of the highest paying survey sites. Highly recommended. You can redeem your points for all kinds of prizes.

Click Here to Join Harris Poll Online

E-Poll Surveys – Epoll Surveys sends out TONS of surveys. They also use a point system that can be redeemed for cash. They are one of just a few sites that still gives you a small reward for attempting a survey, even if you don’t qualify. Highly recommended! Epoll Surveys can be joined by USA members who are at least 13 year old.

Click Here to Join Epoll Surveys

Ipsos Survey Panel – This one recently changed from a sweepstakes site to a paid one. Every time you complete a survey you earn points that you can redeem for gift
cards or merchandise.

Click Here to Join Ipsos i-Say

Survey Savvy has some of the highest-paying surveys out there. Payments can range from $0.50 to upwards of $10.00. It’s not uncommon to get a $15.00 survey invite. Surveys also do not take more than an hour to do; the lower the pay, the quicker the survey.

Unfortunately, depending on your demographics you may not get a Survey Savvy survey invite too often, maybe once or twice a week, but the approval rate is generally very high so it’s well worth doing them.

The payment threshold is $1.00, and Survey Savvy works for all survey-takers worldwide (you do not need to be in the USA to join Survey Savvy). You will receive your payments via a mailed check.

You can sign up for Survey Savvy by clicking here.

Mindfield Online – I’ve been getting a lot of surveys from this one lately. They pay cash, and you can cash out through PayPal once you’ve hit $10.

Click Here to Mindfield Online

My Survey – My Survey is a really fun one. The surveys are frequent and interesting, and you earn points which add up quickly. You can cash out at $20, and they send
a check.

Ipoll Survey Panel – Ipoll (earlier known as Surveyhead) pays through PayPal, and you can cash out at $25. One thing that’s cool about Surveyhead is that they tell you up front the approximate length of the survey, the amount of the reward, AND your odds of qualifying for it.

Pinecone Research – This is a great one, but like My View, they are not always accepting new members. They run banner ads from time, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye out! Pinecone pays $3 for each completed survey and is open for 18+ males and females.

Cash Crate – Cash Crate is more of an offer site. You can get paid for signing up for free trials of products, services, etc. They also offer two daily surveys for 80 cents apiece. The minimum payout is $20, and they mail you a check on the 20th of the following month. I generally don’t participate in the offers (unless it was something I was going to sign up for anyway) but the surveys add up quickly and they pay as promised.

Clear Voice Surveys – Clear Voice is one of my favorites. Fairly frequent, interesting surveys. They’re also one of the few sites that pays you for your time even if you don’t qualify for the survey. You can cash out anytime you have at least $20 in your account, and either get your earnings as an Amazon gift certificate, or loaded onto a MasterCard debit card.

Creation Rewards – This one pays you for almost everything – surveys, shopping, offers, you name it. You earn points that you can either redeem for cash or gift cards to many different merchants.

Dollar Surveys – I just started using this site, but have already been paid multiple times so I wanted to be sure to include it. It couldn’t be simpler: You don’t even have to register. Just enter your PayPal email, and take a survey. If you complete it, they send a dollar to your PayPal account. You can try for multiple surveys each day.

E-Search – E-Search doesn’t send surveys very often, but they are good ones, and your earnings are sent directly to your PayPal after you complete them, so you don’t have to wait for them to accrue.

Inbox Dollars – Like Creation Rewards, inbox Dollars pays you for almost everything… reading emails, shopping, completing offers, taking surveys. You can do two surveys per day, and you can request a check once you’ve accrued $30 or more.

Lightspeed Research – A great site that sends frequent, interesting surveys that pay well. They pay you with Lightspeed points, which you can then redeem for cash, merchandise, or sweepstakes entries. Points add up quickly!

My View – Another one of my favorites. They send out a lot of surveys, and they pay well! They are not always accepting new members however. Keep an eye out for invitations from other sites, or keep checking back at their home site. This is a great one.

Opinion Outpost – Another great site that sends out a lot of interesting surveys. They reward you with points that can then be redeemed for cash. They send a check, but it takes a month or two.

Opinion Square is another nice site that awards points that can be redeemed for cash, all kinds of merchandise, and sweepstakes entries.

Win a chance at $100,000 from Opinion Square!

Opinion Surveys – You can take one survey every day. They pay through cash, prizes, and drawings.

Panel Polls – A very cool site by Nickelodeon. They send fun surveys for parents and kids to take together, and you get to do things like watch TV pilots, movie clips, etc. They pay by check and you can request a payment once you hit $10 (which you’re able to do quickly!)

PermissionResearch The surveys don’t come quite as often as some of the others, but they are good ones. They award you with points that add up quickly, and they can
be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, etc from their catalog. They also offer free downloads of things like games and screen savers, and they plant a tree when you
Join PermissionResearch and we’ll plant a tree.

Quick Rewards – I love Quick Rewards. It is another site that pays for multiple online activities (shopping, surveys, quizzes, daily clicks, etc) What’s great about them is that they credit FAST, you can cash out through PayPal at any time – no minimum – and you will have the money in your account in a matter of a day. Love them.

Send Earnings – This is almost the same exact site as Inbox Dollars. I have cashed out with both of them numerous times.

Survey Savvy – This is a great site that pays in cash, and the surveys come fairly frequently. If you don’t qualify for a survey, you’re still entered in their monthly drawing. You can cash out at any time. It also has one of the best referral programs of all my listed sites!

Survey Spot – Survey Spot sends VERY frequent surveys. Some are scratch offs/sweepstakes entries, and others pay in cash. I have been getting better and better
offers from them the longer I’ve been an active member. You can cash out (they send a check) at a minimum of $5, and the payment comes quickly. This is a good one!

Synovate – A great site that rewards you with points that can be converted to cash (they send a check) I get frequent, interesting surveys from them, and the points add up very quickly. Email me for an invitation!

Test Spin – I get a lot of surveys from Test Spin. You can cash out once you’ve reached $10, and they pay with Amazon gift certificates. The gift certificate is emailed to you immediately upon cashing out.

Treasure Trooper – Daily surveys, offers, shopping, etc. You might be initially distracted by the site’s “treasure” theme, but it’s a lot of fun, there are many ways to make money, and they pay as promised. They also have forums for tips, questions, and support. You need to reach $20 before they pay out (you can choose either a check or a PayPal payment) and they send payment the 15th of the month.

If you’re not interested in cash but would like to get a lot of free items, or if you like to mix it up a bit and earn from more than just surveys, Points2Shop is definitely the website for you. You can earn anything from gift cards, to computers and laptops, to apparel and more.

You can earn points and exchange these points for items. You can do things like watch videos, listen to soundtracks and music, do simple tasks like searching on Google, completing offers, and doing surveys.

Points2Shop also works worldwide, and you need to be at least 13 years or older to join.

You can sign up for Points2Shop by clicking here.

The above are some of the best paid survey sites that pay cash. Join today and start earning free cash doing paid surveys from home in your spare time.